Let’s Admit it we all love shopping!! However, we know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Shopping way too much can damage our bank account.  So, Today I decided to share with you some of the Apps that I use to save some money.  I hope this helps you. Let’s get started……
1.)The first App I discovered to help me save money was Retail Me Not. This App basically has different coupons, deals, and discounts from different stores or websites that you can use. I often use this App when shopping online.  It might not seem that you are saving a lot but after a while, it adds up. 
2.)Do you like to read and save money? If, you said yes Thrift Books is for you. Thrift books is basically a library that has many great books that have been used and are in good shape. You can buy any of your favorite books at a low cost. If they do not have the book you are looking for simply add to wish list and they will notify you when it is available. You can also use Retail Me Not to look for coupons. They also have a rewards program which you can sign up and it is free. It gives you a $5 reward coupon when you purchased $50 in books. If you will like a 15% discount on your first purchase click on the link below.
Coupon Expires in 14 days.
3.) Another, App that I really love Ibotta. It is a cash savings, rewards and coupon app that is amazing.  It has many rebates that you redeem from different stores. This app very easy to use. Ibotta gives you your money back in gift cards or  PayPal or Venmo.  I love it because it also gives you money for referring your friends. If you will like $5 dollars from Ibotta remember to use my Referral Code:  yynpbdh You can use this app for groceries, clothes and many more things. They also have much more bonuses for earning money back.
If you will like more Tips on How To Save Money Comment Down Below!!
Let me know if these apps worked for you! Thank you reading!!                              
     Love Alma
                            Disclaimer: This is not sponsored!! All of this are my opinions on these Apps.