Best Cameras for Video and Photography! (Part 1)

      There are many cameras out there on the market. Sometimes, it is difficult to know which one to buy. So, today I am going to share with you three cameras I believe are amazing. These cameras can be used for blogging/ vlogging, photography, videos for 
  • This camera that I really loved was the CANON EOS M100 MIRRORLESS CAMERA. This Camera is great for pictures and videos. It comes with built-in wifi, touchscreen, and you can also change the lens. It is lighter than a DSLR which makes it great for vlogging. It also has a screen that flips up if you want to take a selfie. I would recommend this camera if you want to be able to take it anywhere.
  • 36681_4_l The Camera that I currently own and use to take pictures or make videos is the  Canon T6i (Canon 750D).  This camera is a DSLR. I love the quality of the videos and pictures. It has great audio for my youtube videos. This camera is a little bit heavy but the more I am learning to use the more I love it. It also has built-in wifi, touchscreen, and a flip out screen. 
     I also did a review of this camera and what came with it on my youtube channel
    Here, is some pictures that I took with the Canon T6i…

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  •         A camera that is amazing for pictures is the Canon T6. This camera is a little bit cheaper than the Canon T6i.  The Canon T6 is also a DSLR camera however it does not have a flip out screen. This camera is also great for video because it has multi-shot noise reduction.  It is great for long-distance photos.  It is a great option if you want to save some money and also want great pictures and videos. 
  •  So, these are some camera I believe are very good. I hope this helps you pick a better camera for your blog, youtube channel or for your photography business.  Make sure to stay tuned for part two. 
           LOVE ALMA            
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New Year Tag! Happy New Year 2018!

Hello, my loves before I start the New Year Tag I want to wish you a Happy 2018! This year  is a new year for new goals, achievements and many other great things. I wish you the best and remember that you can accomplish anything you want.  Here is a quote that  I really like …….  

“You must do the things you think you cannot do”.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

lion-3040797_19201. Could look back on one memory from last year that you wish you could relive, what would it be?

      One moment of 2017 that I would like to relive is when my whole family and I went to the Zoo. This experience was so amazing we learned so many things about animals and had a great time. We saw so many animals that we didn’t even know existed. I totally enjoyed the moment.

2. What was one New Year’s resolution that you accomplished?  


                One of the New Year’s resolution that I accomplished was finally making a blog. I have always wanted to create a blog but I didn’t know how and was scared of what people might think. However, opening a blog has taught me so much.  I am still learning new things everyday. I hope to grow this blog more and more.

3. Three words to describe last year?


4. Best music related creation/inspiration last year by an artist in your opinion?

                             I really loved Something Just Like This.


5. Something you’re looking forward to this coming year?


This year I am looking to grow my blog and my YouTube channel more. I am looking to create more content. Recently, I noticed that one of my videos has 1k views so I really hope to do more things with my youtube channel.

6. What did last year teach you? 

         photographer-407068_19202017 taught me that I can do so many things. I  found out that I love photography and creating things.  I also learned that if I manage my time better I can accomplish many things in a day.       

7. What was your most worn clothing item of last year?

 One the most worn clothing items that I wore last year was a black blouse that I really love.

8. If you had to sum up your year in one word, what would it be?


9. What are you hoping for more of this coming year? 

       This year I am hoping for more …..rocky-coast-3058386_1920





10. What are you hoping for less of this coming year?

 This coming year I am hoping for less……



11. Best book you read last year?



12. What is your New Year’s resolution for the upcoming year?

A resolution for this coming year is to get 2,000 Subscribers on my  Youtube Channel.

          Those where all the questions for the NEW YEAR TAG!                                                   I hope you enjoyed reading this. I wish you a blessed 2018! You can do anything!              



The Best Christmas Present!!


         Christmas one of the greatest times of the year!! I love Christmas! For me, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.  I think it is my favorite holiday because at the age of five I received the greatest gift of all.I say this because my father rarely saw me as a baby. He always worked and we will probably see him every three months or maybe a year later. So, basically, when I was younger we did not celebrate Christmas with my father because he was always working. He worked so much because when I was a toddler many difficult situations happened in my family. My father had to do everything to help my mother support us. He traveled to get a better job so he can help support us. At the age of five for the first time, I got to experience my first Christmas with my father.  I was so excited because I had never seen a tree with ornaments. Where I grew up Christmas was celebrated but we could not afford the ornaments, tree, and gifts. Christmas was celebrated in another form, however, it was also beautiful. The first Christmas that I celebrated with my dad, mother, brother and other family members was amazing. It was a time of joy and being with the family. For me, the best Christmas gift was spending Christmas with my father after so many years. My father for me has always been an important person in my life. That Christmas that I spend with my dad I was very happy because I finally had my first Christmas that I can remember with him at the Age of 5. Although my dad worked a lot I know he did it for us.So, every Christmas I  always remember my first Christmas.        My dad loves Christmas. My dad might not get us presents but what he does do is give us love. So, this year I am still excited to spend Christmas with my father. I love how he always tells jokes on Christmas. So the best Christmas Present that I received was spending my first Christmas with him. Remember to always remind your parents that you love them.  I say this because they might have done something for you that you do not know about. pexels-photo.jpg

   I hope you enjoyed reading this!!

What is the best Christmas present you have received? Let me know in the comment section. Thank you for reading!!


What Thanksgiving Means To Me…

pexels-photo-255441Thanksgiving a holiday that brings everyone united.  It is not about the food. It is not about the Black Thursday or Friday. It is about being Thankful for family, home and many great things in your life. It is about spending quality time with your family. It is about making memories that you will always remember.  It is about forgiving a family member that might have done something wrong to you. It about sharing the food with your family and those who are less fortunate. Personally, for me, Thanksgiving  is a holiday that we should spend with the family and show that you love them. I say this because they might be there right now but someday they might be gone. There is a saying “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” So be Thankful for what you have this Thanksgiving.  Remind your family that you love them and how special they are to you. Let me know in the comments: What Thanksgiving means to you?


Thank You for Reading and I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your love ones!  Love Alma


Apps To Save Money!! / Tips To Save Money!!


Let’s Admit it we all love shopping!! However, we know that money doesn’t grow on trees. Shopping way too much can damage our bank account.  So, Today I decided to share with you some of the Apps that I use to save some money.  I hope this helps you. Let’s get started……
1.)The first App I discovered to help me save money was Retail Me Not. This App basically has different coupons, deals, and discounts from different stores or websites that you can use. I often use this App when shopping online.  It might not seem that you are saving a lot but after a while, it adds up. 
2.)Do you like to read and save money? If, you said yes Thrift Books is for you. Thrift books is basically a library that has many great books that have been used and are in good shape. You can buy any of your favorite books at a low cost. If they do not have the book you are looking for simply add to wish list and they will notify you when it is available. You can also use Retail Me Not to look for coupons. They also have a rewards program which you can sign up and it is free. It gives you a $5 reward coupon when you purchased $50 in books. If you will like a 15% discount on your first purchase click on the link below. 
Coupon Expires in 14 days.
3.) Another, App that I really love Ibotta. It is a cash savings, rewards and coupon app that is amazing.  It has many rebates that you redeem from different stores. This app very easy to use. Ibotta gives you your money back in gift cards or  PayPal or Venmo.  I love it because it also gives you money for referring your friends. If you will like $5 dollars from Ibotta remember to use my Referral Code:  yynpbdh You can use this app for groceries, clothes and many more things. They also have much more bonuses for earning money back.
If you will like more Tips on How To Save Money Comment Down Below!!
Let me know if these apps worked for you! Thank you reading!!                              
     Love Alma
                            Disclaimer: This is not sponsored!! All of this are my opinions on these Apps.

Study Tips

Study Tips.😀📚

1.) As tempting that it may seem to due things last minute don’t procrastinate.

2.) Review your lecture note after class or school to process the information better. Highlight,underline anything that may be important.Circle anything that you might not understand or don’t know the definition to.

3.) Your textbook is your friend. Use your textbook to look up information you are confused or don’t understand. 4.) Redo you notes and study from them to help you understand the topic more.

5.) Use flash cards to study definitions. There are apps where you can make flash cards.

6.)When studying take 15 min. breaks. 7.) Avoid distractions such as your phone, computers when studying.

8.) Hear music that motivates and inspires you during studying or doing homework.

9.) Have a healthy snack when studying or chew gum to concentrate better.

10.) Study with a friend or group of friends that you know will help you focus.