There are many cameras out there on the market. Sometimes, it is difficult to know which one to buy. So, today I am going to share with you three cameras I believe are amazing. These cameras can be used for blogging/ vlogging, photography, videos for 
  • This camera that I really loved was the CANON EOS M100 MIRRORLESS CAMERA. This Camera is great for pictures and videos. It comes with built-in wifi, touchscreen, and you can also change the lens. It is lighter than a DSLR which makes it great for vlogging. It also has a screen that flips up if you want to take a selfie. I would recommend this camera if you want to be able to take it anywhere.
  • 36681_4_l The Camera that I currently own and use to take pictures or make videos is the  Canon T6i (Canon 750D).  This camera is a DSLR. I love the quality of the videos and pictures. It has great audio for my youtube videos. This camera is a little bit heavy but the more I am learning to use the more I love it. It also has built-in wifi, touchscreen, and a flip out screen. 
     I also did a review of this camera and what came with it on my youtube channel
    Here, is some pictures that I took with the Canon T6i…

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  •         A camera that is amazing for pictures is the Canon T6. This camera is a little bit cheaper than the Canon T6i.  The Canon T6 is also a DSLR camera however it does not have a flip out screen. This camera is also great for video because it has multi-shot noise reduction.  It is great for long-distance photos.  It is a great option if you want to save some money and also want great pictures and videos. 
  •  So, these are some camera I believe are very good. I hope this helps you pick a better camera for your blog, youtube channel or for your photography business.  Make sure to stay tuned for part two. 
           LOVE ALMA            
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