Study Tips.😀📚

1.) As tempting that it may seem to due things last minute don’t procrastinate.

2.) Review your lecture note after class or school to process the information better. Highlight,underline anything that may be important.Circle anything that you might not understand or don’t know the definition to.

3.) Your textbook is your friend. Use your textbook to look up information you are confused or don’t understand. 4.) Redo you notes and study from them to help you understand the topic more.

5.) Use flash cards to study definitions. There are apps where you can make flash cards.

6.)When studying take 15 min. breaks. 7.) Avoid distractions such as your phone, computers when studying.

8.) Hear music that motivates and inspires you during studying or doing homework.

9.) Have a healthy snack when studying or chew gum to concentrate better.

10.) Study with a friend or group of friends that you know will help you focus.