There are days when you are happy. There are days when you are sad. However, there are days when you’re both.
Today I was a very happy day. I went to the park and felt amazing. I was on the swing with the fresh air blowing on my face. I was thinking about all the great things that I have accomplished in my life. How I have overcome many obstacles throughout the years. I was also thinking that there are still many goals I have to accomplish. I was reflecting on how there are so many beautiful things in the world. Many things that as we go through life we forget.
We get so busy that we forget to sometimes enjoy life.We are just in a hurry to get to work, school and other
places that we forget to live. We take everything for granted. We forget to look up at the sunrise in the morning and see how amazing it is. We forget to look at the flowers and see how their beauty is just everywhere. We forget to say Thank You to God for another day. We need to be aware that there are people in a hospital bed fighting for their life. There are people who didn’t get to see the amazing sunrise that you did not look at because you were simply busy. Take a break and enjoy the little moments in life. Enjoy every moment you can because you never know when is your last day. Enjoy your family because they are the biggest blessing you have. Do not let any negative situations ruin your day. Do not be an ogre be happy and enjoy every moment of it. Every new day is a new opportunity to start over. Move forward forget about the past.

Thank you for reading!! Wishing you success!!